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Every guy’s body tell’s a story


When I asked my lovely clients to say a few words about their shoot I had no idea how deep and heartfelt some of their comments would be. I always want the shoot to be enjoyable and as much fun as possible whilst capturing the beauty of every single man. I also know a shoot is often liberating and can be life changing. But to see these amazing comments has truly humbled me.   


Thank you to all the guys who have allowed me to share their stories and pictures here. It means a lot to me and spurs me on to keep shooting for many years to come.

Graham Martin



“Posing nude is an exhilarating, confidence-building experience, where you are the centre of attention the whole time.”

After dabbling with nude modelling for a number of years I recently decided to give it one last go and so contacted Graham for a portfolio shoot.


Graham's manner and personality put me at ease very quickly. He is always encouraging and I guarantee you will get the shoot you want from him whether you are a nervous first timer or experienced pro.


Graham is also excellent company so the conversation is good and entertaining which helps you to relax as you reveal all. Highly recommended, get down here and get naked.



“I found the whole experience strangely liberating and empowering.”

As I aged my exhibitionist urge to display my naked body grew stronger. Being cautious by nature, I decided that a naked photo shoot would be the ideal solution. 

I was very hesitant when first approaching MenArt. What kind of reception would a mature, balding guy who was no Adonis receive? I plucked up courage and booked.


When the day arrived I was very excited but also extremely self conscious and apprehensive. 

However, I found the whole experience strangely liberating and empowering and found an inner confidence and pride in my body. Best of all, it was SUCH FUN.



“I am no sex model, l but now I feel like one.”

14/11/2014 was date I will never have forgot. After being unwell for 3 months I was told I had bowel cancer. All of sudden everything made sense.

I when through hell and made to the other side. I was one the lucky ones!

Tattoos were my savior, posing nude was my second savior, and a photoshoot with MenArt was the final savior. Showing to the world of what I thought was a ugly body: damaged by the dreaded cancer. l am no sex model, but now I feel like one.



“I was not inhibited at all. Which came as a complete surprise to me.”

Nine months ago I started a fitness regime and lost 20kg. I was so pleased with my body shape that I allowed myself to be photographed. Graham’s method of working made the whole thing effortless and incredibly enjoyable. I felt so relaxed, when it came to the nude photography, I was not inhibited at all. Which came as a complete surprise to me!


I was absolutely delighted with the end results. For once in my life, looking at the naked photographs of myself, I feel completely happy and I can see that my hard work has paid off. In a few months time I will probably be booking Graham for another naked shoot with some different types of photos and we will see where our imagination takes us. 



“It is the purest form of self-validation when the sense of self has gone.”

I was motivated by a poor sense of self esteem that stemmed from a series of health problems that included having a prostatectomy and a heart attack.


In some ways, it is the purest form of self-validation when the sense of self has gone. People kept telling me that I was OK, but I felt unlovely, unloved and like a sack of potatoes.


Doing the shoot finally allowed me to see what others saw and allowed peace for the soul.



“When I stepped out into the spotlight in my leathers I cannot tell you how incredible it felt.”

I was always the ugly duckling at school and I never felt sexy at all. In 2008, people started telling me I was photogenic. I started doing my own self-timer photos and a fanbase took off for me worldwide.


In 2013 Graham contacted me and we agreed to do a professional shoot. When I stepped out into the spotlight of his studio in my leathers and he started clicking away, I cannot tell you how incredible it felt. He was so encouraging, so friendly, funny too.


I  finally felt accepted as a valid sexy model in the hairy mature style my admirers love. I've been photographed seven times now by Graham and he has elevated my profile big time.

If you’ve ever fantasized about being photographed naked, why wait any longer?

Everyone is welcome. So book your shoot with MenArt today and turn your dreams into reality. 

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