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Many of the models you see here are porn stars or are happy being photographed in an artistic adult way.  If you prefer to leave the final reveal to your imagination then do not visit our OnlyFans page. But if you are itching to see more of these beautiful guys in all their glory please do visit our OnlyFans page.  It’s for over eighteens only, so you have been warned!  


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The story behind MenArtXXX

When I became a photographer, I was incredibly naïve. I would enjoy taking pictures of lovely muscled guys in swimwear and underwear and thought that was exciting and very brave of the models. You might laugh but that’s the truth. 


Then one day I’m out in the woods creating beautiful art with one of the guys when he whipped out his huge cock and it just got bigger and bigger. He was very keen to have pictures taken of himself naked and clearly enjoyed every minute of it! 


Thanks to that session, I met many other guys who wanted to do nude shoots and of course I was more than happy to oblige. It would be rude not to! The trouble was, I had no way of sharing all these stunning shots. They were way too steamy for social media.

Then a good friend introduced me to OnlyFans. Suddenly there was a platform where I could show off all my lovely picture, all 3,600 fo them to date, for less than the price of a pint.

Since then it’s really taken off and I’m delighted to say there is always a queue of drop dead sexy men willing to show all and do most things to keep me amused and feed my passion for naked art.   I’d love you to take a look and let me know what you think. Let me know if there’s anyone you’d really like to see on there and I’ll do my best to arrange a shoot.

Graham Martin
London, 2021