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Duo Shoot

Would you love to do a duo shoot with MenArt but are too shy to ask a mate or don’t have that special someone to work with? No problem! We know many modelling friends who would love to model with you.

We don’t act on their behalf, but we can make the introductions and give you a rough idea of what they charge as a private model. We have worked with all the guys before, so we know they’re friendly, polite, reliable and great fun to shoot with.

Model costs vary and would be in addition to the MenArt cost of £495.00. You will receive 20 edits from the shoot which will last up to four hours.

Everything is flexible and can be discussed. On a typical shoot, you would arrive an hour or so before the model. This gives us a chance to warm things up, get rid of any nerves and have you ready to meet you model a little later. We would take many pictures in that time so if you wanted some business head shots or profile/social media pictures then this would be a good time to get them before the fun starts.

Check out the our duo models below and use the Contact Us form to find out more.

If for some reason our featured guys are not what you are looking for then you are still very welcome to source your own model for the shoot.

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