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Your Shoot

There's more to a shoot with MenArt than getting a set of great pics at the end. (Although, naturally, that's guaranteed.) Our photo sessions give you the opportunity to explore and experiment. To be yourself and maybe even find yourself. 


Our experienced gay photographer, Graham Martin, does all MenArt shoots personally. People tell us they feel comfortable in his presence and that the session can even be therapeutic.


Some clients are very nervous about posing in front of a camera. Especially if it’s their first time. That’s quite normal and we'll ensure you get all the help and support you need to find natural poses that make you look great. All our shoots are done on a highly professional basis, so you can relax and enjoy your shoot without any unwanted attention.

There are plenty of reasons why

You don’t need a reason to book a shoot with MenArt. It could simply be because you want to be photographed by someone who understands the male form and knows how to make you look your best.

But there are lots of great reasons why you might want to book:

  • If fitness is your thing, a physique shoot can be very motivating, providing a great way to celebrate your gains. 

  • A new set of MenArt pics can really spruce up your social media profile. No one ever swipes left on our shots! 

  • For male escorts and porn stars, a MenArt shoot will freshen up your portfolio. 

  • It can also be a fun and original gift. Give your partner some sexy shots that reveal you in a whole new light. Or explore your exhibitionist side together with a couples shoot.

Enjoy your shoot your way

What would you like to get out of your shoot? The are so many possibilities.  We could take it outside, stick to the privacy of the studio, or even do a combination of both. We can work with props, artistic lighting, fantasy scenarios, or really anything you want, providing it's safe and legal. We're very open minded!

You're free to get naked, or keep some or all of your clothes on. You can get horny if you like too. It really is entirely up to you. This is your shoot, after all.

Graham will discuss all this with you in detail before the shoot. You choose the style and content. There is never any pressure to do anything you don't want to do.

Discrete and private

Privacy and trust are very important to all our clients.  You can be comfortable knowing that whatever we photograph will NOT be posted online or shared on social media unless it's your specific desire for them to be shared. What happens in the MenArt studio stays in the MenArt studio.

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