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Frequently asked questions

Our photographer, Graham Martin, answers your frequently asked questions below. If there's anything else you'd like to ask about our services, please drop us a line.

Is the shoot 100% private?

YES! Privacy is VERY important to me. On the shoot there is only me and you in the locked studio unless you have asked to bring someone along or we have agreed for someone to help us with the shoot. I will not share your photoshoot without your permission.

How do I book a shoot?

Click BOOK YOUR SHOOT in the main menu and complete the contact form telling me which package you would like to book. All packages are listed under the PRICES tab.

How much does it cost?

Prices start at just £295. A standard shoot is £395. Check the PRICES section in the navigation for more details and options.

Will you photograph me?

YES! I will photograph anyone regardless of age, gender, colour, sexual preference or size. I LOVE photographing people so I will be happy to photograph YOU!

Can I get naked for a shoot?

You are free to do whatever you would like to do. I am VERY broad minded and welcome nudity. In fact you can get naked, erect, and cum on a shoot if you would like. Often a shoot is a mix of clothes on and off with a selection in between. But you don’t have to take your clothes off. The choice is all yours. I will help you feel comfortable and relaxed on the shoot.

Do I have to get naked?

Absolutely not. This is your shoot and you are free to do what you would like to do. If you would prefer not to get naked then that's totally cool. You can always change your mind on a shoot if you wish. It’s a relaxed affair with few rules so if the mood takes you then hey, why not.

Is there anything you won't photograph?

I can only think of a few things I won’t photograph and they are scat, water sports (mainly because of the amount of liquid), heavy BDSM and that’s about it. So, anything kinky, fetish, BDSM, leather, whatever tickles your fancy then come along and get it photographed.

Do you only photograph men?

No I am happy to photograph anyone appropriately to age of course.

I'm trans. Will you photograph me?

Of course I will and I’m happy to do so.

Do you publish the pictures from a shoot?

Not unless we have discussed this and we mutually agree there is a benefit in doing so. Privacy is of upmost importance to me so unless I have your permission I will keep our shoot 100% private.

What happens after the shoot?

After the shoot I will put a private online gallery together for you. This will have a strong password so that there is no risk of anyone seeing your pictures apart from you. You will then select the agreed number of pictures and let me know the file numbers. You can do this by sending me a message or by saving to a favourites selection within the gallery.

How do I prepare for a shoot?

Ahead of the shoot we will have a chat about what you want to do on the day. I will then recommend how much clothing to bring. Otherwise come nice and clean and fresh and relaxed as you possibly can be. I don’t recommend shaving body hair immediately before a shoot as it tends to create pimples. Best to do at least three days before the shoot. Unless we are doing a makeup themed shoot a small amount of concealer is fine but I do not recommend heavy concealer makeup as it tends to show on the pictures.

Should I shave my pubes/body hair?

Personally, I like a bit of body hair but then it’s down to personal choice. What is very important is not to shave your body hair the day before a shoot or your pubes less than a couple of days as there is a high likelihood of shaver’s rash. Unless you do this on a regular basis and know how your body reacts to being shaved.

Can I spread the cost of my shoot?

You are welcome to spread the cost of your shoot in as many instalments as you wish. Either use this as a piggy bank and book your shoot once the full amount is paid, or set a date and pay chunks up to the day of the shoot.

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